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TV's first Improplug "star", is Ling Valentine (34), the Chinese immigrant owner of Ling is a female, Gateshead-based entrepreneur who supplied prime, private customers all over the UK with over 28m of brand-new contract-hire cars in 2007. Improplug production was by Your-Film, a company run by a small and dynamic group of filmmakers in Jarrow with creative help from Newcastle ad agency Admast.

Ling said, "I'm extremely proud to be the first advertiser to use this new format of TV ads. It has been great fun making them. I already have over 200,000 views of my YouTube films, now a much larger audience of millions will see the Improplugs." - "Some of my Improplugs have snippets in Chinese. It doesn't matter. The viewers see me chatting to them in quick-cut clips, in YouTube format" - "It's the TV/PC crossover advert, and it is set to take the World by storm" - "It opens TV advertising to small but ballsy businesses like, made by small independent filmmakers like Your-Film" - "Your-Film were just great. LINGsCARS have collaborated to break new ground for this exciting new Improplug genre of advertising" - "Just wait until the snotty-nosed London agencies in London see these Improplugs, their reaction will be enough to make the whole of the North East chuckle"  
Improplug 4 -
Chinese content:

Improplug 5 -
Geordie content:

20 second Improplug TV adverts... watch and enjoy! - Ling

Improplug 1
"the best thing about selling cars is to make money"
Improplug 2
", some people hate it, some love it"
Improplug 3
"a lot of customers know more than I do"
2008 Fresh TV Awards Winner!

The "Fresh Awards 2008" recognise outstanding creativity and innovation outside the M25 in Creative, TV, Digital, Media and PR. "ImproPlug" is the winner of the 2008 TV Advertising Campaign category for outstanding innovation, originality and execution. The producers: Kevin Owens/Matthew Newman (Your-Film), booking agency (AdMast), star turn Ling Valentine.    AdMast

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